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We can cold draw any grade that is produced by the hot rolled bar mills. Our most common grades are 10xx, 11xx, 12xx, 15xx, 41xx, and 86xx. We source from our approved hot mill producers to the latest revision of ASTM A29 General Requirements for Hot Wrought Carbon and Alloy Steel Bars. Most steel grades listed in ASTM A1040 can be drawn or processed by New Dimension Metals. Chemistry Certifications are provided with each shipment. Mechanical or Hardness Testing Certification must be agreed upon at time of order inquiry or order.


Rounds:  1/4" to 5"

Squares: 1/2" to 2"

Hexagons: 3/8" to 2-1/4"

Flats: Up to 4 Square Inches

Special Shapes on Inquiry

Size Tolerances comply to latest revision to ASTM A108, Tables A1.1, A1.2, A1.6 or agreed upon during order inquiry.


Cold Drawn or Cold Finished Steel Bars are bundled to latest revision to ASTM A700, Item 7, Cold Finished Bars. Packaging requirements are agreed upon at time or order inquiry or order.

  • Cold Drawn

  • Grind & Polish

  • Turn & Polish

  • Stress Relieved Anneal Furnace (ASTM A311)

  • Quench & Tempering

  • Lamellar Pearlitic Anneal

  • Controlled Cold Reduction

  • Deburring

  • Chamfering

  • End Facing

  • Milled Facing

  • Saw Cutting

  • Cut to Length

  • Eddy Current Testing

  • Imperial & Metric

  • Shop Floor SPC

  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

  • A-Lab Metallurgical Services
    (NADCAP & a2la Certified)

  • Magtest/Demag/Ultrasonic Testing

  • Climate Controlled Warehouse

  • Customer Specific Inventory Program

  • Bundles 2,000 lbs. to 5,000 lbs.

  • Custom Bundle Sizes Available

  • Packaging to Meet Your Needs

  • Precision Short Cut Length /
    Chamfer Capability

  • Scarlet & Gray Trucking

  • Small Diameter Boxing on Request

  • McKay Draw Bench Bar Length Range (114" to 288")
  • Schumag Combined Drawing Machine Bar Length Range (120" to 240")
  • Lewis Combined Drawing Machine Bar Length Range (8" to 252")
  • Off-Line Bundle Saw (240" max.)
  • Off-Line Chamfer Saw Units (114" to 240")
  • Off-Line Precision Bar Blank Saw (4" min.) Dependent on Grade, Size, Shape, & Length
  • Length Tolerances comply to latest revision to ASTM A108, Table A1.5 or agreed upon during order inquiry.
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