New Dimension Metals Corp.
Cold Draw To Excellence
Excellence is earned, not certified. At NDM, when it comes to finding solutions and exploring new opportunities with our customers, we are forward thinking. At the same time, we draw on our experience in the metals industry to direct our efforts to the best outcome possible. Allow us to be a resource for your company to succeed in the pursuit of excellence.
Carbon & Alloy Grades Of Steel
NDM’s focus on customer satisfaction extends to sourcing raw material to the required specifications. Most carbon and alloy grades produced by the hot roll bar mills can be cold drawn by NDM. Whether your print calls for standard or unique grades, NDM will work to provide the best value. We maintain inventory of several carbon and alloy grades including 12xx, 10xx, 11xx, 4140 and 8620. Please let us quote on your carbon and alloy steel bar needs.
Cut to specification
In the ‘old steel’ culture, 12’ or 20’ was the only choice a consumer had in cold drawn bars. Today, NDM will supply pieces to specific lengths or longer multiple lengths to provide maximum yield for our customers. Challenge us to provide a solution for your steel requirements.
Size Range
Quality Steel
Rounds 1/4" - 4"
Hexagons 5/16" - 2-3/4"
Squares 7/16" - 2"
Flats 1/2" x 1" - 1" x 4"
Special shapes made to customer specifications

Packaging can be an important component in providing material for specific applications. NDM can provide unique packaging solutions including exact bar counts, stack piling, paper wrapping or other special arrangements you may need.

The centerpiece of New Dimension Metals’ operation is our McKay draw bench, the fifth newest chain bench in the industry. In addition to our McKay draw bench we have four Shumag combine drawing machines and two specialty drawing machines. We provide eddy current testing, chamfering, saw cutting, custom bundling and packaging and bundle specific truck loading as part of our role in providing customized service to our customers.