New Dimension Metals Corp.
Welcome to New Dimension Metals
At New Dimension Metals, our focus is the customer. Founded as an alternative to the “big steel” industry, we distinguish ourselves through service, delivery and reliability. We accomplish our goals by running a flexible operation while continually striving to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations. Our motto is to “run our business more like our customers and less like our competitors.” For us this means understanding our customer and doing all that we can to be a successful link in the supply chain.
Latest News & Updates
Increasing Capacity
The latest additions to our total operation are a Shumag IB and Shumag IIB, bringing us to a total of four coil to bar draw lines. Both machines can in-line eddy-current test rounds and shapes. We also have three additional bar lines. Our seven lines feature the latest engineering and technology in our industry and will allow us to produce material for the increasingly demanding applications our customers require.
Having an in-house ICC/PUCO approved contract carrier allows New Dimension Metals control in the movement of materials, a greater understanding in the flow of goods and services from raw material through all the processes and on to the end customer.